Snooker – World Championship

“17 days of snooker– say hello to the World Championship!”


Snooker – a gentleman´s game


There have been some dark times for the snooker community, especially in the 1950s when no championships were held. With the outbreak of the betting enthusiasm, snooker has drawn a lot of attention in recent years and is now extremely popular among punters. Especially in the United Kingdom, where snooker has always been a common pastime. It seems that no other nation can reach the same level of snooker as English, Scottish and Welsh professionals. Stephen Hendry is the overall biggest winner of the Championship, having 7 titles to his name. Right behind the Scot we find Steve Davis, an Englishman with 6 titles, and Ray Reardon, also with 6 titles to his name. If we were to pick out a personal favourite in this thrilling sport, it has to be Ronnie O’Sullivan. He is attributed with much of the worldwide popularity snooker has today, as he is both a professional player and world-class entertainer. He does not hold back his emotions while playing and has appeared in the headlines numerous times due to his controversial outbreaks. Snooker is a gentleman’s game, but O’Sullivan seems to have no regard for the unwritten rules.


17 days of greatness


World Championship of snooker is played in England every year at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. It is organised by the World Snooker Association, and with the help of great players, the annual event has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. Thousands of punters are making money off this great championship every year. Firstly, English people are prone to bet on everything! They are probably the most betting-savvy nation on the surface of our planet, and it is largely thanks to them that online betting world has become such a huge hit. Secondly, every single Snooker World Championship has been won by British citizens, except for one instance where an Australian player managed to overrun the British legends. Thirdly, the odds on snooker are generally higher than on more popular sports like football, basketball and ice hockey. This means you could make more money by placing fewer bets, as all it takes is some proper research into players, statistics and prior results.


Up until the first week of May, the Snooker World Championship will draw millions of pounds in bets over the course of 17 days. Who will hit the perfect 147? Which part of the UK will receive the prestigious trophy? Will it be an Englishman, or will Ronnie O’Sullivan continue his race to the very top of the historical charts? Most online bookies have odds on the biggest snooker event of the year. And since it is a fairly unpredictable sport, you could be tripling your money just about every time you place your stakes correctly.


Horse Racing – Grand National, Aintree

And…They’re Off!

The Grand National, held at the Aintree Racecourse, is renowned for its erratic nature, and with good reason. For in the past 100 years, five 100/1 horses have defeated the odds and shown that predictability is often overrated. Due to the emerging trends, the Grand National is not as much of a sweepstake as is lead to believe. Trends have emerged where you can easily identify the front runners and name takers, but on the off chance, one or two horses come along with 100/1 odds or greater and upset the apple cart… figuratively speaking, of course. So, whether you base your decision to choose a particular horse by its name, jockey, trainer or bridle colour, that ball is placed squarely in your court. Trends and statistics do play a role in helping punters determine the front runners, but sometimes there are bigger upsets that can be imagined.

So, when ‘The Last Samurai’ copped second place in the recently held Grand National event, imagine the dismay that ensued. ‘Many Clouds’ didn’t do himself any favours either by running a dead last heat. The statisticsfrom the last race held at Aintree Racecourse, might be able to assist you in choosing the right horse for the course.

This year’s winner was ‘Rule the World’ who was a 33/1 favourite. Second was ‘The Last Samurai’, an 8/1 favourite and third in the bunch was ‘Vics Canvas’ with odds of 100/1. Other horses in the race were ‘Gilgamboa’, 28-1, ‘Ucello Conti’, ‘Vieux Lion Rouge’ and ‘Morning Assembly’ amongst others.

A few flat-footed fillies did not make it to the finish line and took a tumble. First in the debacle was ‘Hadrian’s Approach’ who unseated his rider. Second was ‘First Lieutenant’ who was the first to fall, and ‘Holywell’ and ‘On His Own’, who were all left in the dust.

‘Rocky Creek’ and ‘Silviniaco Conti’ pulled up short. ‘O’Faolains Boy’ was the only non-runner who bowed out lame.

Opinions sway towards the fact that if ‘O’Faolains Boy’ had ran, he would have been a strong contender for one of the top 3 spots, but in the absence of any showing what-so-ever, it is hard to gauge how he would or would not have done, had he been able to run the race.

Another strong contender seemed to be ‘Hadrian’s Approach’. He seemed to be a bit strong-willed but looked sturdy and ready for the rigorous ride. Perhaps he didn’t like the smell of the rider’s cologne and sought to get rid of the pungent smell by getting the rider off his back.

In any case, the final decision is up to the punters. I would imagine that those making wagers would carefully consider their choices by reviewing prior races to determine if the horse has good form.

There is no exact science in making a winning wager on something so unpredictable as a horserace since there are numerous variables to consider. You must also consider if the money you wager is worth losing, because that may be a distinct possibility.

Gymnastics – Men’s & Women’s Artistic British Championships, Liverpool

Finesse at its Best

The men’s and women’s Artistic British Championships are flamboyant sporting events that demonstrates the prowess of the human physique. We, as humans, have the ability to do many things and some extraordinary people are good enough atdemandingactivities to compete with each other, achieving great accolades in them as a sport. Artistic Gymnastics combines performance, elegance, finesse and physical prowess which is a sure way to attract spectators. Since 1896, Artistic Gymnastics has been part of the Olympic Games, and today remains one of the major and most popular of all the gymnastic sports.

The evaluating system has been tweaked many times over the years to ensure the competitors are judged appropriately. A number of judges pool their knowledge and eye for the extraordinary to come up with the final score for all competitors. Errors are basically defined as any fault in an otherwise flawless execution of a routine.

From 1955 and 1957 the British Gymnastics Championships have been held for men and women, respectively. The championships took place every two years until 2002, and then every year after that. The up and coming women’s British Gymnastics Championships will be held in Switzerland from 1st-15thJune 2016.

In the women’s all-round championship last year, Giulia Steingruber was the gold medal winner, so if you are going to place a wager on any name it should be Giulia Steinguber from Switzerland. Her nemesis, Maria Kharenkova from Russia, was placed a close second and Elissa Downie, from Great Britain, rounded out the medals with a rousing third place. These 3 are the ones to watch in the upcoming championships. The Russians scored heavily with Maria Paseka winning gold in the woman’s vault, Daria Spiridonova who won gold in the woman’s uneven bars and KseniaAfanasyeva also striking gold in the floor exercises.

So keep these statistics in mind when placing your bets. These competitors will be hard to miss and hard to beat.

In the men’s European Championships, being held May 25th – 29th2016, Great Britain seem like the ones to beat. In last year’s championships, they won gold medals in the floor exercise and pommel horse and silver in the horizontal bar, with a strong performance by Kristian Thomas, Louis Smith and Sam Oldham. For the most part, all the events in 2015 had winners from all competing nations, however, if you are making a wager, the Russian ladies and the Great British men should top your list. You may choose to take a gamble on Switzerland, however, as they will be looking to beat their competition and take home gold. In 2015, Russia won 10 medals, Great Britain was close with 8 and Switzerland was not so distant with 5. I am sure that the other nations will be trying to outdo the Russian and Great British teams this year, so be careful when placing bets and observe the increased tenacity of the various competitors. There could be a massive turning of the tide and all medals are up for the taking.